Curtis Dragon, founder of Earth Landscape, has over 35 years experience in creating sustainable landscape solutions with organic products. Here at Earth Landscape, we strive to simplify the restoration and care of your outdoor property. Earth Landscape specializes in four areas of landscaping, Consulting Designing, Installing, and Organic Land Care using iGreenscape Sustainable Methods and Organic Earth Care Service and Products.

Our Philosophy

At Earth Landscape we take a project through the process from initial meeting, during the work phase to completion. Our job to service you the client, throughout making your part as easy as possible, getting to completion and satisfaction. Our goal of consulting, designing, installation and follow up on any project making sure we complete the project in a timely professional manner for your acceptance. We create our own punch list with your knowledge in preparation to complete the work, therefor having our project completion meeting becomes an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

Everything we do is about the environment we all share, toward a sustainable future using organic methods under the banner Earth Landscape/iGreenscape, “Organic Earth Care” service and ‘iGreenscape’ products.

Throughout time man made systems have been linear by design, that is as a flat line or open systems, whereas we take from nature natural resources and use the resource for our wants and needs, then discard the waste or used resource. We mimic Mother Nature’s natural resources that are closed loops by design, whereas we take a natural resource, use the resource, and then put back, recycle into the system in perpetuity!

Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association Member

Massachusetts Certified Horticulturist (MCH)

Massachusetts Certified Arborist (MCA)

Accredited Organic Land Care Professional (AOLCP)

Northeast Organic Farming Association Massachusetts