Organic Lawn Care

Professional – We have a passion for creating beautiful organic lawns in a sustainable fashion. If organic matters to you in lawn care, look no further than Earth Landscape. In business since 1995, Earth Landscape knows how to get the job done and treat our customers (and Mother Earth) right.

Sustainable Organic Lawn Services offered by Earth Landscape include the following:

  • Soil Testing and Analysis
  • Organic Lawn 6-8 Step Plans
  • Compost Tea & Vermicomposting
  • Organic Fertilizer
  •  Responsible Weed Control
  • Organic Insect and Disease Control
  • New Organic Lawns
  • Compost Top-Dress
  •  And more…

Long-Term Seasonal Care Scheme consists of choosing one or more Lawn Care Plans.

8-Step Turf Management Plan

The 8-Step Turf Management Plan puts your lawn under close supervision and allows feed, rehabilitating, and monitoring your turf in a series of 8 scheduled visits each year.

6-Step Turf Management Plan

The 6 Step Turf Management Plan is available for those whose lawns require less attention. Puts your lawn under close supervision and allows feed, rehabilitating, and monitoring your turf in a series of 6 scheduled visits each year.

Prices for these vary according to the square footage of managed space, optional applications,
and our analysis and documentation of the lawn’s improvement over time.  

Organic Lawn in Swampscott, MA


Earth Landscape understands that most people keep busy schedules these days. We respect our customers’ time, and offer flexible lawn care hours. Customers who desire organic lawn care service are sure to be pleased with our flexible, timely service. 


Organic lawn care doesn’t have to break the bank! Lawn care services offered by Earth Landscape are quite affordable. A beautiful, usable, sustainable landscape is what many homeowners crave, but aren’t aware they can achieve. You don’t have to spend a fortune on achieving this goal. We’ll work with you on a smart design, reuse some of your established plantings and reduce the amount of grass on your lawn, which will decrease your lawn maintenance costs and benefit the planet.

If visions of a lovely, sustainable, well-maintained yard is what you are looking for, then give Earth Landscape a call at (978) 319-6235 today. Our staff will evaluate your lawn care needs and help you to find a plan which suits your unique needs and desires. Contact us to see how we can build your lawn of your dreams and put a smile back on your face.